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Toshiba Essential Laptop Case Clamshell - Notebook carrying case

Toshiba Essential Laptop Case Clamshell - Notebook carrying case
Toshiba Essential Laptop Case Clamshell, Notebook carrying case, 16", black, for Satellite C50, C55, C850, C855, L50, L755, L830, L855, M50, P50, S50, U50, W30, Z30
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Description - Toshiba Essential Laptop Case Clamshell - Notebook carrying case
    This carry case provides basic protection for laptops with a timeless design.

    Technical data - Toshiba Essential Laptop Case Clamshell - Notebook carrying case


    Product Type Notebook carrying case
    Product Material 600D polyester
    Width 41 cm
    Depth 7 cm
    Height 31 cm
    Notebook Compatibility 16"
    Additional Compartments Notebook accessories
    Features Zippered, padded, adjustable shoulder strap
    Carrying Strap Shoulder carrying strap
    Colour Black

    Compatibility Information

    Designed For Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1E7, C50-B-10P, C50-B-12L, C50-B-12M, C50-B-131, C50-B-133, C50-B-13K, C50-B-13T, C50-B-143, C50-B-14D, C50-B-14M, C50-B-158, C50-B-159, C50-B-16Z, C50-B-1C6, C50D-A-147, C50D-B-10G, C50D-B-10Q, C50D-B-10V, C50D-B-10X, C50D-B-11E, C50D-B-11N, C50D-B-11X, C50D-B-120, C50D-B-125, C50D-B-12M, C855-287, L50-B-12Z, L50-B-15N, L50-B-15P, L50-B-1DW, L50-B-1DZ, L50-B-1E1, L50-B-1E2, L50-B-1E3, L50-B-1E4, L50-B-1ET, L50-B-1FF, L50-B-1FH, L50-B-1FP, L50-B-1FQ, L50-B-1FU, L50-B-1GC, L50-B-1GD, L50-B-1GT, L50-B-1HD, L50-B-1HM, L50-B-1HU, L50-B-1J1, L50-B-1J2, L50-B-1J3, L50-B-1J6, L50-B-1J8, L50-B-1JH, L50-B-1JL, L50-B-1LE, L50-B-1LF, L50-B-1LN, L50-B-1N8, L50-B-1NL, L50-B-1NM, L50-B-1NW, L50-B-1NX, L50-B-1NZ, L50-B-1P1, L50-B-1P2, L50-B-1P7, L50-B-1PN, L50-B-1PP, L50-B-1PQ, L50-B-1PR, L50-B-1PV, L50-B-1PW, L50-B-1QR, L50-B-1QT, L50-B-1QU, L50-B-1QV, L50-B-1R1, L50-B-1RC, L50-B-1T1, L50-B-1T4, L50-B-1T7, L50-B-1TD, L50-B-1UG, L50-B-1UK, L50-B-1V2, L50-B-1V5, L50-B-1V9, L50-B-1XU, L50-B-1Z0, L50-B-218, L50-B-219, L50-B-22J, L50-B-22M, L50-B-22P, L50-B-22V, L50-B-24F, L50-B-24J, L50-B-25R, L50-B-25T, L50-B-25U, L50-B-272, L50-B-273, L50-B-274, L50D-B-10Z, L50D-B-11Q, L50D-B-11V, L50D-B-11W, L50D-B-12G, L50D-B-12J, L50D-B-12K, L50D-B-12P, L50D-B-12Q, L50D-B-130, L50D-B-13C, L50D-B-13E, L50D-B-13J, L50D-B-13K, L50D-B-13P, L50D-B-13Q, L50D-B-13W, L50D-B-146, L50D-B-147, L50D-B-14M, L50D-B-14P, L50D-B-14R, L50D-B-14T, L50D-B-151, L50D-B-15E, L50D-B-15F, L50D-B-15G, L50D-B-15H, L50D-B-15K, L50D-B-15N, L50D-B-15T, L50D-B-15U, L50D-B-168, L50D-B-170, L50D-B-171, L50D-B-172, L50D-B-17J, L50t-B-12Q, L50t-B-12R, L50t-B-12U, L50t-B-12W, L50t-B-136, L50t-B-137, L50t-B-13E, L50t-B-13H, M50D-A-112, P50-B-10Q, P50-B-10R, P50-B-11G, P50t-B-10T, P50t-B-113, S50-B-11J, S50-B-127, S50-B-12T, S50-B-12U, S50-B-13J, S50-B-13N, S50-B-14G, S50-B-14M, S50-B-14W, S50t-B-10H, Z30-A-177, Z30-A-1CX, Z30-A-1CZ, Z30t-A-10C, Z30t-A-127