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HP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpack

HP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpack
HP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpackHP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpackHP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpack
HP Prelude, Notebook carrying backpack, 13.3", 15.6", for Laptop 14, 14s, 15, 15s; Pavilion Laptop 13, 14, 15
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00€ postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
Description - HP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpack
  • Room for the basics
  • Carry it your way
Get a padded compartment for your notebook and internal pockets for your cables, accessories, pens, phone, and more. The top zip closure and exterior flap pocket give you easy access to the items you use most.Carry the case with the double handles or use the comfortable padded crossbody strap to keep your hands free for other tasks. Traveling is a breeze with the luggage pass-through that fits over the handle of most rolling suitcases.

Technical data - HP Prelude - Notebook carrying backpack


Product Type Notebook carrying backpack
Product Material 100% polyester
Width 31 cm
Depth 10.5 cm
Height 45.5 cm
Weight 380 g
Notebook Compatibility 15.6"
Notebook Supported Sizes 13.3" - 15.6" / 33.8 cm - 39.6 cm
Additional Compartments 4 x internal pockets, 2 x external pockets
Features Padded, water resistant
Closure Type Zipper
Compartments Quantity 7

Compatibility Information

Designed For HP Laptop 14-cf2010ca, 14-cf2020ca, 14-cf2030ca, 14-cf2040ca, 14-cf2050ca, 14-cf2096la, 14-cf3735ng, 14-dk0028wm, 14-dk0072nr, 14-dk0077nr, 14-dk0078nr, 14-dk0084nr, 14-dk0858ms, 14-dk1008ca, 14-dk1013dx, 14-dk1018ca, 14-dk1020nr, 14-dk1028ca, 14-dk1030ca, 14-dk1032wm, 14-dk1035wm, 14-dk1039ms, 14-dk1046nr, 14-dq2031tg, 14-fq1021nr, 14s-dq0034nl, 14s-dq0051nf, 14s-dq0400nd, 14s-dq0900nd, 14s-dq2007na, 14s-dq2510na, 15-da2015nm, 15-db1035nm, 15-db1100ny, 15-dw3058cl, 15-dy2073dx, 15-ef1073wm, 15-ef1078nr, 15-gw0008ca, 15-gw0010wm, 15-gw0018ca, 15-gw0018la, 15-gw0021nr, 15-gw0028ca, 15-gw0031cl, 15-gw0052cl, 15-gw0094nr, 15-gw0122od, 15-gw0123od, 15-gw0124od, 15-gw0194nr, 15-gw0720ng, 15s-eq1001nw, 15s-eq1003nk, 15s-eq1033nm, 15s-eq2147ng, 15s-fq0063nl, 15s-fq2152ng
HP Pavilion Laptop 13-bb0002nh, 13-bb0002nq, 13-bb0005nl, 13-bb0023tu, 14-ce3001nw, 14-ce3035nl, 14-cf2513la, 14-dv0001nq, 14-dv0025no, 14-dv0038nh, 14-dv0057nq, 14-dv0058nf, 14-dv0061nq, 14-dv0062nq, 14-dv0063nq, 14-dv0072nq, 14-dv0073nq, 14-dv0074nq, 14-dv0086nq, 14-dv0165st, 14-dv0167st, 14-dv0454ng, 14-dv0598na, 14-ec0011nq, 14-ec0013nq, 14-ec0014nq, 14-ec0017nq, 14-ec0018nq, 14-ec0022nq, 14-ec0025nq, 14-ec0026nq, 14-ec0027nq, 14-ec0036nq, 14-ec0082nf, 15-cs3010ca, 15-cs3672cl, 15-ec1013ns, 15-eg0000nh, 15-eg0007nh, 15-eg0008nu, 15-eg0009nu, 15-eg0010nu, 15-eg0013nu, 15-eg0014nl, 15-eg0024na, 15-eg0026no, 15-eg0027nf, 15-eg0028na, 15-eg0028nq, 15-eg0029nl, 15-eg0029nq, 15-eg0032na, 15-eg0032nq, 15-eg0033nq, 15-eg0034nu, 15-eg0036nl, 15-eg0036nq, 15-eg0037nl, 15-eg0038nm, 15-eg0049nq, 15-eg0052nq, 15-eg0065na, 15-eg0165st, 15-eg0167st, 15-eg0312nw, 15-eg0378ng, 15-eg0876nb, 15-eg0889nb, 15-eh0005nf, 15-eh0012nh, 15-eh0013nh, 15-eh0014nh, 15-eh0028nu, 15-eh1001nh, 15-eh1002ny, 15-eh1003nh, 15-eh1003nk, 15-eh1004nh, 15-eh1004nq, 15-eh1005nh, 15-eh1007nq, 15-eh1008nh, 15-eh1009nh, 15-eh1019nf, 15-eh1022nf, 15-eh1023nq, 15-eh1556nz, 15-eh1776nz


  • 14-cf2005na, 14-cf2009nf, 14-cf2010ca, 14-cf2020ca, 14-cf2030ca, 14-cf2033wm, 14-cf2040ca, 14-cf2050ca, 14-cf2059la, 14-cf2074la, 14-cf2096la, 14-cf2507na, 14-cf2518na, 14-cf3039la, 14-cf3735ng, 14-cf3750ng, 14-cm1137la, 14-dk0020nr, 14-dk0022wm, 14-dk0028wm, 14-dk0030ca, 14-dk0072nr, 14-dk0077nr, 14-dk0078nr, 14-dk0084nr, 14-dk0357ng, 14-dk0858ms, 14-dk1001la, 14-dk1008ca, 14-dk1010ca, 14-dk1013dx, 14-dk1018ca, 14-dk1020ca, 14-dk1020nr, 14-dk1022nf, 14-dk1026nf, 14-dk1028ca, 14-dk1030ca, 14-dk1032wm, 14-dk1035wm, 14-dk1039ms, 14-dk1046nr, 14-dk1097nr, 14-dk1120na, 14-dk1322ng, 14-dq0001dx, 14-dq0002dx, 14-dq0004dx, 14-dq0005cl, 14-dq0005dx, 14-dq0011dx, 14-dq1020ca, 14-dq1088wm, 14-dq1089wm, 14-dq2010ca, 14-dq2031tg, 14-dq2035cl, 14-dq2045cl, 14-dq2088wm, 14-fq0030nr, 14-fq0032od, 14-fq0037nr, 14-fq0040nr, 14-fq0042nr, 14-fq0043nr, 14-fq0044nr, 14-fq0050ca, 14-fq0057nr, 14-fq0060ca, 14-fq0060nr, 14-fq0070nr, 14-fq0075nr, 14-fq0080nr, 14-fq1021nr, 14-fq1030ca, 14s-cf2060TU, 14s-dk1089au, 14s-dq0008no, 14s-dq0008np, 14s-dq0009no, 14s-dq0024nd, 14s-dq0034nf, 14s-dq0034nl, 14s-dq0035nf, 14s-dq0038nl, 14s-dq0051nf, 14s-dq0052nf, 14s-dq0210nd, 14s-dq0400nd, 14s-dq0592nd, 14s-dq0824nd, 14s-dq0900nd, 14s-dq1002nc, 14s-dq1246no, 14s-dq2000ns, 14s-dq2001ns, 14s-dq2002nl, 14s-dq2005nh, 14s-dq2007na, 14s-dq2007no, 14s-dq2009nw, 14s-dq2016no, 14s-dq2018nh, 14s-dq2019nh, 14s-dq2020nh, 14s-dq2032nf, 14s-dq2033nf, 14s-dq2033no, 14s-dq2077tu, 14s-dq2154ng, 14s-dq2335ng, 14s-dq2401nd, 14s-dq2454ng, 14s-dq2500nd, 14s-dq2510na, 14s-dq2998nb, 14s-dq3002no, 14s-dq3003nq, 14s-dq3008no, 14s-fq0000ns, 14s-fq0001nl, 14s-fq0012no, 14s-fq0018na, 14s-fq0020nl, 14s-fq0026no, 14s-fq0029AU, 14s-fq0029nl, 14s-fq0030au, 14s-fq0031nl, 14s-fq0036nl, 14s-fq0038nh, 14s-fq0038nl, 14s-fq0041nh, 14s-fq0043nh, 14s-fq0044nl, 14s-fq0051nl, 14s-fq0071nf, 14s-fq0098nf, 14s-fq0102nf, 14s-fq0111nf, 14s-fq0114nf, 14s-fq0122nf, 14s-fq0127nf, 14s-fq0509na, 14s-fq0700ng, 14s-fq1003no, 14s-fq1004no, 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15-dw2009ns, 15-dw2044la, 15-dw2047la, 15-dw2057cl, 15-dw2336ng, 15-dw2441ng, 15-dw3005nl, 15-dw3005ny, 15-dw3007ny, 15-dw3009nq, 15-dw3009ny, 15-dw3014nq, 15-dw3015nq, 15-dw3016no, 15-dw3017no, 15-dw3018nq, 15-dw3022nq, 15-dw3023nq, 15-dw3025nk, 15-dw3025od, 15-dw3027nq, 15-dw3030nq, 15-dw3031cl, 15-dw3032nq, 15-dw3034nq, 15-dw3035nq, 15-dw3040nq, 15-dw3042nq, 15-dw3050nq, 15-dw3053nq, 15-dw3054nq, 15-dw3055nq, 15-dw3056cl, 15-dw3056nq, 15-dw3058cl, 15-dw3125od, 15-dw3163st, 15-dw3165st, 15-dw3363st, 15-dw3365st, 15-dw3424ng, 15-dw3428ng, 15-dy1012ca, 15-dy1045nr, 15-dy1048nr, 15-dy2001cy, 15-dy2001ds, 15-dy2002cy, 15-dy2002ds, 15-dy2003cy, 15-dy2003ds, 15-dy2004cy, 15-dy2004ds, 15-dy2005ds, 15-dy2005tg, 15-dy2006ds, 15-dy2007cy, 15-dy2007ds, 15-dy2008cy, 15-dy2008ds, 15-dy2009cy, 15-dy2009ds, 15-dy2010cy, 15-dy2010ds, 15-dy2010nr, 15-dy2011ds, 15-dy2012ds, 15-dy2013ds, 15-dy2014ds, 15-dy2016ds, 15-dy2017ds, 15-dy2018ds, 15-dy2019ds, 15-dy2020ds, 15-dy2023dx, 15-dy2025nr, 15-dy2027od, 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  • Elite Dragonfly G3 Notebook (Only for 5P6P8EA#ABU)