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HP - Adapter

HP - Adapter
HP - Adapter
HP, Adapter, 24 pin USB-C male to HDMI female, 4K support, for Chromebook x360; ENVY x360 Laptop; Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15; Pavilion Laptop 15
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00€ postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
Description - HP - Adapter
  • Display to a monitor, projector or TV through the HDMI port
  • Display up to 4K content on 4K capable TVs and monitors
  • Easy-to-carry adapter to display your PC content anywhere
Share your notebook or tablet's high-definition video and audio content to an external display, TV, or projector with the HP USB-C to HDMI adapter.

Technical data - HP - Adapter


Cable Type Adapter 4K support
Interface Supported HDMI / USB
Localisation English / Europe


Connectors 24 pin USB-C - male
Connectors (Second End) 19 pin HDMI Type A - female

Dimensions & Weight

Width 15 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Height 1.1 cm
Weight 305 g

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Width 10.7 cm
Shipping Depth 3.35 cm
Shipping Height 21.6 cm

Compatibility Information

Designed For OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dc1002nl, 15-dc1016ns, 15-dc1104nc, 15-dc1105nc, 15-dc1150nb, 15-dc1524na, 15-dc1902ng, 15-dh0015na, 15-dh0019nl, 15-dh0030nl, 15-dh0128no, 15-dh0306ng, 15-dh0794nd, 15-dh0795nd, 17-an199nf, 17-cb0009nl, 17-cb0015ns, 17-cb0018nl, 17-cb0312ng, 17-cb0642ng, 17-cb0904ng, 17-cb0905ng
OMEN X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0008nl
HP 22-c0036nl, 22-c0039nl, 22-c0044ns, 22-c0068nf, 24-f0002ne, 24-f0037nl, 24-f0056nl, 24-f0060nl, 24-f0066a, 24-f0066nl, 24-f0069nl, 24-f0072ns, 24-f0086ns, 24-f0310nd, 24-f0713ng
HP Chromebook 14-db0005nf, 14-db0032nb, 15-de0000nb
HP Chromebook x360 11-ae100nb, 12b-ca0001nb, 14b-ca0004nf, 14b-ca0007nb
HP ENVY 27-b202nl, 27-b206ns, 32-a0005ng, 32-a0016nf, 32-a0028nf, 32-a0100nd, 32-a0500nd, 32-a0500nz, 32-a0700nz, 32-a0900nz
HP ENVY Curved 34-b102ns
HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq0011ms, 13-aq1006nl, 13-aq1012nb, 13-aq1040ca, 13-aq1902ng, 17-ce0003nl, 17-ce0005nl, 17-ce1002nb, 17-ce1005nb
HP ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0001np, 13-ar0004nl, 13-ar0005nl, 13-ar0008nf, 13-ar0014au, 13-ar0031nb, 13-ar0037nb, 13-ar0100nc, 13-ar0201ng, 15-dr1011nb, 15-dr1029nl, 15-ds0024au, 15-ds0104nc, 15-ds0902ng, 15-ds0903ng
HP Laptop 14-cf1012no
HP Pavilion 595-p0054nl, 595-p0055nl
HP Pavilion Gaming 690-0103nf
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-cx0032nc, 15-cx0033nl, 15-cx0035nc, 15-cx0670ng, 15-dk0000nl, 15-dk0006nl, 15-dk0021ns, 15-dk0022ns, 15-dk0025ns, 15-dk0040nl, 15-ec0001ns, 15-ec0018no, 15-ec0026nf, 15-ec0028no, 15-ec0305ng, 17-cd0008ns, 17-cd0023nb, 17-cd0077nf, 17-cd0222ng, 17-cd0607ng, 17-cd0913ng
HP Pavilion Laptop 14-ce0018np, 14-ce0502sa, 14-ce1024nf, 14-ce1510sa, 14-ce2084nl, 14-ce2086nl, 15-cs1030nf, 15-cs1047nb, 15-cs2002nf, 15-cs2080nb, 15-cw1004na, 15-cw1017nb, 15-cw1045nb, 15-cw1047nb, 15-cw1048nb, 15-cw1080nl, 15-cw1507na, 15-cw1800ng
HP Spectre x360 Laptop 13-aw0008tu, 13-aw0013nl, 13-aw0015tu, 13-aw0063nb, 13-aw0610ng, 15-df0051nb, 15-df1011tx
HP Stream Laptop 11-ak0006na


  • 14-cf0005ns, 14-cf0006ns, 14-cf0007ns, 14-cf0008ns, 14-cf0009ns, 14-cf0012dx, 14-cf0014na, 14-cf0034nf, 14-cf0095nb, 14-cf0500na, 14-cf0797no, 14-cf0925nd, 14-cf1002ns, 14-cf1005nl, 14-cf1005no, 14-cf1006no, 14-cf1012no, 14-cf1020na, 14-cf1020od, 14-cf1051od, 14-cf1061st, 14-cf1502na, 14-cf1506na, 14-cf1599na, 14-cf1923nd, 14-cf1932nd, 14s-cf0079tu, 14s-cf0090tu, 14s-cf1018tu, 14s-cf1023tu, 15-bs103na, 15-bs104nl, 15-bs134wm, 15-bs157nc, 15-bs165nc, 20-c400ng, 20-c404ns, 20-c405ns, 20-c406ns, 20-c419nf, 20-c435z, 20-c442nf, 20-c472nd, 20-c475nd, 22-c0001ne, 22-c0004na, 22-c0004nt, 22-c0005nt, 22-c0012ds, 22-c0014nl, 22-c0015ng, 22-c0016ng, 22-c0017ng, 22-c0020nl, 22-c0026ns, 22-c0027na, 22-c0027ns, 22-c0030na, 22-c0030ns, 22-c0035ns, 22-c0036nl, 22-c0037na, 22-c0038ns, 22-c0039nl, 22-c0044ns, 22-c0045nf, 22-c0046na, 22-c0051ns, 22-c0063w, 22-c0068nf, 22-c0079nf, 22-c0080nf, 22-c0082nf, 22-c0094nf, 22-c0211ng, 22-c0299ng, 24-f0001ns, 24-f0001nt, 24-f0002ne, 24-f0007nl, 24-f0008nu, 24-f0009no, 24-f0011, 24-f0018no, 24-f0019no, 24-f0022nl, 24-f0023ng, 24-f0024na, 24-f0024nf, 24-f0024ng, 24-f0024no, 24-f0024ns, 24-f0025ng, 24-f0028cy, 24-f0028ng, 24-f0030nf, 24-f0032na, 24-f0032ns, 24-f0034na, 24-f0035ns, 24-f0036nl, 24-f0037nl, 24-f0037ns, 24-f0038na, 24-f0038ns, 24-f0040a, 24-f0040na, 24-f0040nl, 24-f0041nl, 24-f0045ns, 24-f0047nf, 24-f0052ns, 24-f0056nl, 24-f0056ns, 24-f0060nf, 24-f0060nl, 24-f0061ns, 24-f0066a, 24-f0066nl, 24-f0069nl, 24-f0072ns, 24-f0075nf, 24-f0077nf, 24-f0077ns, 24-f0086ns, 24-f0097nf, 24-f0098nf, 24-f0100nf, 24-f0116nf, 24-f0137c, 24-f0157nb, 24-f0159nb, 24-f0223nb, 24-f0251ng, 24-f0253ng, 24-f0255ng, 24-f0257ng, 24-f0302ns, 24-f0310nd, 24-f0501ns, 24-f0713ng, 24-f0981nd, Chromebook 14-ca050nd, Chromebook 14-ca050sa, Chromebook 14-ca051nd, Chromebook 14-ca051sa, Chromebook 14-db0000au, Chromebook 14-db0000no, Chromebook 14-db0002ca, Chromebook 14-db0002ng, Chromebook 14-db0002no, Chromebook 14-db0003nf, Chromebook 14-db0003ng, Chromebook 14-db0004nb, Chromebook 14-db0005nf, Chromebook 14-db0005no, Chromebook 14-db0008nb, Chromebook 14-db0010nf, Chromebook 14-db0013nb, Chromebook 14-db0020nr, Chromebook 14-db0032nb, Chromebook 14-db0043wm, Chromebook 14-db0050nr, Chromebook 14-db0401nd, Chromebook 14-db0500na, Chromebook 14-db0819nd, Chromebook 15-de0000nb, Chromebook 15-de0000nf, Chromebook 15-de0001ng, Chromebook 15-de0523dx, Chromebook 15-de0999nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae051wm, Chromebook x360 11-ae100nb, Chromebook x360 11-ae100nd, Chromebook x360 11-ae101nd, Chromebook x360 11-ae104nb, Chromebook x360 12b-ca0000ng, Chromebook x360 12b-ca0001nb, Chromebook x360 12b-ca0005nf, Chromebook x360 12b-ca0010nr, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0000ng, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0004nf, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0007nb, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0010nr, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0011no, Chromebook x360 14b-ca0350nd, Chromebook x360 14-da0000ng, Chromebook x360 14-da0000tu, Chromebook x360 14-da0001ng, Chromebook x360 14-da0002na, Chromebook x360 14-da0003no, Chromebook x360 14-da0250nd, Chromebook x360 14-da0301ng, Chromebook x360 14-da0502na, ENVY 27-b101nx, ENVY 27-b103nx, ENVY 27-b202nl, ENVY 27-b206ns, ENVY 27-b207na, ENVY 27-b211nf, ENVY 27-b212na, ENVY 27-b212nf, ENVY 27-b213nf, ENVY 27-b236nb, ENVY 27-b238nb, ENVY 27-b270nd, ENVY 32-a0005ng, ENVY 32-a0016nf, ENVY 32-a0028nf, ENVY 32-a0100nd, ENVY 32-a0500nd, ENVY 32-a0500nz, ENVY 32-a0700nz, ENVY 32-a0900nz, ENVY 795-0008nf, ENVY 795-0012na, ENVY 795-0013ng, ENVY 795-0014ng, ENVY 795-0016ng, ENVY 795-0017na, ENVY 795-0017ng, ENVY 795-0019ng, ENVY 795-0021ng, ENVY 795-0037cb, ENVY 795-0093nb, ENVY 795-0137cb, ENVY 795-0510ng, ENVY 795-0604ng, ENVY 795-0650nd, ENVY Curved 34-b102na, ENVY Curved 34-b102ns, ENVY Curved 34-b110nf, ENVY Curved 34-b124nb, ENVY Curved 34-b126nb, ENVY Curved 34-b180nz, ENVY Curved 34-b190nd, ENVY Laptop 13-ad004nj, ENVY Laptop 13-ad013nn, ENVY Laptop 13-ah0001nf, ENVY Laptop 13-ah0015no, ENVY Laptop 13-ah1008nb, ENVY Laptop 13-ah1507sa, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0001no, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0002na, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0002nc, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0002ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0004no, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0004ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0005nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0005ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0006nf, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0006nl, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0006ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0007nc, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0008nc, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0008no, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0008ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0009na, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0009nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0010nf, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0011ms, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0011na, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0019nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0019tu, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0020tu, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0023nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0027tx, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0033nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0036nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0037nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0044nr, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0050od, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0069no, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0077nr, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0102ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0103ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0105ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0200ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0410ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0610nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0650nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0701nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq0915nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1000nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1000ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1000ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1001ns, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1002ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1003ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1004ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1005ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1006nl, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1010nr, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1012nb, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1040ca, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1075nr, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1076nr, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1131ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1150nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1160nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1165nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1233no, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1450nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1450ng, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1611nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1651nd, ENVY Laptop 13-aq1902ng, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0003nf, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0004nb, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0005na, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0006na, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0012nl, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0013nl, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0017nf, ENVY Laptop 17-bw0999na, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0003nb, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0003nl, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0004ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0005nl, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0019nb, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0021nf, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0022nf, ENVY Laptop 17-ce0025nb, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1000ns, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1001ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1002nb, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1003ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1004ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1005nb, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1006ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1210ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1220ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1320ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1500nz, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1506nz, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1615ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1650nd, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1706nz, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1710ng, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1900nz, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1904nz, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1906nd, ENVY Laptop 17-ce1907nd, ENVY Laptop 17m-ce1013dx, ENVY x2 12-g050nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0001np, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0011au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0011nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0012au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0012nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0015au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0023nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0030nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0031nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0550nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ag0998na, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0000nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0000ns, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0001na, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0002ns, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0004nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0004no, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0005na, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0005nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0005nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0006nf, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0008nf, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0014au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0031nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0037nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0038au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0043au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0048au, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0100nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0104ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0106ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0201ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0205ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0210ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0212ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0250nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0410ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0435ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0501na, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0604nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0640ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0697nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0710ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0722nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0900ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 13-ar0922nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-bp152nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-bq210nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-bq213cl, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-bq276nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn0088nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn0100ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn0114nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn0807nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1001ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1015nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1018nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1020nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1076nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cn1511na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-cp0599na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-Cp0800ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0000na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0000nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0001nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0001ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0002nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0002nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0002ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0002no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0003no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0004nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0004nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0004no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0005nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0005ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0006nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0009nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0010nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0012nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0013nr, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0019nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0021nf, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0024tx, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0026na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0030nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0031tx, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0033tx, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0041nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0042nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0048nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0102ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0201ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0202ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0203ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0205ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0206ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0220ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0315ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0350nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0902ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0945nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0948nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr0997nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1000nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1000no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1000nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1001nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1002nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1002ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1006ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1011nb, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1013na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1029nl, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1150nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1210ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1212ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1214ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1230ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1230no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1233ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1234ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1250no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1300nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1500nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1650nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1701ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1710ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1711ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1800nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1850nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1901ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1906nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1945nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1948nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1994nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1996nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-dr1999nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0000na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0001nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0001ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0001no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0003no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0004nf, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0004no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0005nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0005ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0005no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0006no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0021au, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0024au, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0032au, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0035au, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0062no, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0101ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0102ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0104nc, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0500nd, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0599na, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0844nz, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0900ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0901ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0902ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ds0903ng, ENVY x360 Laptop 15m-dr1011dx, ENVY x360 Laptop 15m-dr1012dx, Laptop 14-cf0005ns, Laptop 14-cf0006ns, Laptop 14-cf0007ns, Laptop 14-cf0008ns, Laptop 14-cf0009ns, Laptop 14-cf0012dx, Laptop 14-cf0014na, Laptop 14-cf0034nf, Laptop 14-cf0095nb, Laptop 14-cf0500na, Laptop 14-cf0797no, Laptop 14-cf0925nd, Laptop 14-cf1002ns, Laptop 14-cf1005nl, Laptop 14-cf1005no, Laptop 14-cf1006no, Laptop 14-cf1012no, Laptop 14-cf1020na, Laptop 14-cf1020od, Laptop 14-cf1051od, Laptop 14-cf1061st, Laptop 14-cf1502na, Laptop 14-cf1506na, Laptop 14-cf1599na, Laptop 14-cf1923nd, Laptop 14-cf1932nd, Laptop 14s-cf0079tu, Laptop 14s-cf0090tu, Laptop 14s-cf1018tu, Laptop 14s-cf1023tu, Laptop 15-bs103na, Laptop 15-bs104nl, Laptop 15-bs134wm, Laptop 15-bs157nc, Laptop 15-bs165nc, Pavilion 24-r101nb, Pavilion 24-r103nb, Pavilion 24-r159a, Pavilion 27-r119, Pavilion 595-p0000nf, Pavilion 595-p0001nb, Pavilion 595-p0002nf, Pavilion 595-p0005no, Pavilion 595-p0008ns, Pavilion 595-p0009ns, Pavilion 595-p0018ng, Pavilion 595-p0020ng, Pavilion 595-p0020nl, Pavilion 595-p0021ns, Pavilion 595-p0022ng, Pavilion 595-p0024nl, Pavilion 595-p0025ng, Pavilion 595-p0032ns, Pavilion 595-p0034nf, Pavilion 595-p0034ns, Pavilion 595-p0038nl, Pavilion 595-p0045ns, Pavilion 595-p0046nl, Pavilion 595-p0053nf, Pavilion 595-p0054nl, Pavilion 595-p0055nl, Pavilion 595-p0057nl, Pavilion 595-p0065nl, Pavilion 595-p0068nl, Pavilion 595-p0085nl, Pavilion 595-p0086nl, Pavilion 595-p0300nd, Pavilion 595-p0320nd, Pavilion 595-p0321nd, 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17-cb0000no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0000nz, by HP Laptop 17-cb0001na, by HP Laptop 17-cb0001ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0001ns, by HP Laptop 17-cb0002na, by HP Laptop 17-cb0002ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0003na, by HP Laptop 17-cb0003nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0003ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0003ns, by HP Laptop 17-cb0004ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0004ns, by HP Laptop 17-cb0005na, by HP Laptop 17-cb0005ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0005ns, by HP Laptop 17-cb0006na, by HP Laptop 17-cb0006ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0007nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0007nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0007ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0008nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0008ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0009nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0009nl, by HP Laptop 17-cb0012nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0014nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0015ns, by HP Laptop 17-cb0017nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0017nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0018nl, by HP Laptop 17-cb0020ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0020no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0020nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0023nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0024nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0026nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0027no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0028no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0029no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0030nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0030nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0030no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0030nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0031no, by HP Laptop 17-cb0033nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0035nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0036nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0040nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0041tx, by HP Laptop 17-cb0043nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0045nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0045nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0050nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0053nf, by HP Laptop 17-cb0060nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0070nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0080nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0090nr, by HP Laptop 17-cb0100nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0101nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0102nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0103nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0104nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0106nc, by HP Laptop 17-cb0220ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0222ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0230ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0312ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0406nz, by HP Laptop 17-cb0600nd, by HP Laptop 17-cb0642ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0670nd, by HP Laptop 17-cb0700nd, by HP Laptop 17-cb0700nz, by HP Laptop 17-cb0720ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0725ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0730ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0735ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0799nb, by HP Laptop 17-cb0799nd, by HP Laptop 17-cb0800ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0800nz, by HP Laptop 17-cb0900ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0900nz, by HP Laptop 17-cb0901ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0902ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0904ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0905ng, by HP Laptop 17-cb0925nd, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0000ns, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0001na, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0001nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0001ns, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0002ns, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0003nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0003nl, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0006nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0007nb, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0008na, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0008nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0008nl, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0009nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0010nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0010nr, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0012nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0013nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0014nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0014no, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0015nf, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0016no, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0020ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0020nr, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0028no, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0030ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0034nb, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0036nb, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0070ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0074nb, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0150nd, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0200ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0310ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0320ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0350ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0370ng, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0700nd, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0700nz, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0750nz, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0900nz, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0922nz, X by HP 2S Laptop 15-dg0950nd, X by HP Laptop 17-ap000nb, X by HP Laptop 17-ap005tx, X by HP Laptop 17-ap006no, X by HP Laptop 17-ap008no, X by HP Laptop 17-ap032ng, X by HP Laptop 17-ap050nz