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HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking station

HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking station
HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking stationHP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking stationHP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking stationHP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking station
HP Thunderbolt Dock G2, Docking station, VGA, DP, 2 x DP, 120 Watt, Europe, for OMEN by HP Laptop 16; EliteBook 830 G6; Pavilion x360 Laptop; ZBook 15u G5, 15u G6
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Description - HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking station
  • Command your workspace from a single Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) connection
  • Reset your perception
  • Manage your enterprise fleet like a boss
HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 connects the included cable to your notebook to access a wired network, data, video, and charging with a dock that supports both HP and non-HP Thunderbolt and USB-C notebooks.HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 reclaims your work area with this space-saving centerpiece that helps create a clean desk. Its elegant, black, rounded design with smooth accents changes everything you thought you knew about docks.HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 helps IT easily secure and remotely manage a wide range of HP notebooks and the dock with advanced network manageability features built into the dock, including WoL and MAC address pass-through in all power states and PXE Boot.

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Technical data - HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 - Docking station


Product Type Docking station
Width 9.8 cm
Depth 9.8 cm
Height 6.9 cm
Weight 800 g
Localisation English / Europe

Expansion / Connectivity

Interfaces 3 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - 9 pin USB Type A
1 x USB-C
1 x headphone/microphone combo jack - mini-phone 3.5 mm
1 x display / video / USB - Thunderbolt
1 x network - Ethernet - RJ-45
1 x display / video - DisplayPort - 24 pin USB-C
1 x display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
2 x audio / video - DisplayPort - 20 pin DisplayPort


Cables Included 1 x USB-C cable - 70 cm
Features Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately), charging via USB, LED indicator
Security Slot Type Kensington security slot


Power Device Power adapter
Power Provided 120 Watt

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature 0 °C
Max Operating Temperature 35 °C

Compatibility Information

Designed For OMEN by HP Laptop 16-b1010nl, 16-c0034nl, 16-c0035nl
HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook
HP Elite x360 1040 G9 Notebook, 830 G9 Notebook
HP EliteBook 1040 G4 Notebook, 1040 G9 Notebook, 640 G9 Notebook, 645 G9 Notebook, 650 G9 Notebook, 655 G9 Notebook, 735 G5 Notebook, 735 G6 Notebook, 745 G5 Notebook, 745 G6 Notebook, 755 G5 Notebook, 830 G6, 830 G9 Notebook, 835 G9 Notebook, 840 G9 Notebook, 845 G8 Notebook, 845 G9 Notebook, 855 G8 Notebook, 860 G9 Notebook, 865 G9 Notebook
HP EliteBook x360 1012 G2 Notebook, 1020 G2 Notebook, 1030 G2 Notebook, 1030 G3 Notebook, 1030 G4 Notebook, 1030 G7 Notebook, 1030 G8 Notebook, 1040 G5 Notebook, 1040 G6 Notebook, 1040 G7 Notebook, 1040 G8 Notebook, 830 G5 Notebook, 830 G6 Notebook, 830 G7 Notebook, 830 G8 Notebook
HP Pavilion x360 Laptop 15-er1003nm
HP Pro x360 435 G9 Notebook
HP ProBook 430 G4 Notebook, 430 G5 Notebook, 430 G6 Notebook, 430 G7 Notebook, 430 G8 Notebook, 440 G4 Notebook, 440 G5 Notebook, 440 G6 Notebook, 440 G7 Education Edition Notebook, 440 G7 Notebook, 440 G8 Notebook, 440 G9 Notebook, 445 G6 Notebook, 445 G7 Notebook, 445 G8 Notebook, 445 G9 Notebook, 445r G6 Notebook, 450 G5 Notebook, 450 G6 Notebook, 450 G7 Notebook, 450 G8 Notebook, 450 G9 Notebook, 455 G5 Notebook, 455 G6 Notebook, 455 G7 Notebook, 455 G8 Notebook, 455 G9 Notebook, 455r G6 Notebook, 470 G5 Notebook, 630 G8 Notebook, 635 Aero G8 Notebook, 640 G4 Notebook, 640 G5 Notebook, 645 G4 Notebook, 650 G4 Notebook, 650 G5 Notebook
HP ProBook x360 435 G7 Notebook, 435 G8 Notebook, 440 G1 Notebook
HP ZBook 14u G5 Mobile Workstation, 14u G6 Mobile Workstation, 15u G5 Mobile Workstation, 15u G6 Mobile Workstation, Power G8 Mobile Workstation, Power G9 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation, 14 G8 Mobile Workstation, 14 G9 Mobile Workstation, 15 G7 Mobile Workstation, 15 G8 Mobile Workstation, 16 G9 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook Fury 16 G9 Mobile Workstation


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