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HP Slim - Power adapter

HP Slim - Power adapter
HP Slim - Power adapter
HP Slim - Power adapter
HP Slim, Power adapter, 90 Watt, Europe, for HP 250 G4; Chromebook 14; EliteBook 2570, 725 G2, 745 G2, 755 G2, 820 G1, 820 G2, 840 G1
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Description - HP Slim - Power adapter
  • Provides a convenient and portable power source for use in a mobile environment
  • Compact design makes HP Smart AC Adapters an ideal travel companion
  • HP 65W Slim adapter are 40% thinner than standard 65W adapters
The HP 65W Slim Adapter is 40% thinner than the standard 65W adapter and includes a convenient USB port for charging other accessories while you work.

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Ähnliche Produkte

Technical data - HP Slim - Power adapter


Device Type Power adapter - external
Localisation Europe

Power Device

Power Capacity 90 Watt


Cables Included USB adapter

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Width 50.5 cm
Shipping Depth 40.5 cm
Shipping Height 19 cm

Compatibility Information

Designed For HP 250 G3, 250 G4, 250 G5, 255 G2, 255 G4, 255 G5, 340 G5, 348 G5, 350 G2, 355 G2
HP Chromebook 11 G4, 14, 14 G1, 14 G4, 14-ak000nd, 14-ak000nf, 14-ak001nf, 14-ak001tu, 14-ak002tu, 14-ak003tu, 14-ak004na, 14-ak004tu, 14-x010ca, 14-x010nz, 14-x011nf, 14-x012nf, 14-x013dx, 14-x013nf, 14-x014nf, 14-x020na, 14-x023na, 14-x024na, 14-x025na, 14-x030nz, 14-x050nr, 14-x094nf, 14-x095nf, 14-x096nf, 14-x097nf
HP Elite x2 1011 G1
HP EliteBook 1030 G1, 1040 G3, 2570p, 720 G1, 725 G2, 725 G3, 745 G2, 750 G2, 755 G2, 820 G1, 820 G2, 820 G3, 820 G4, 830 G5, 840 G1, 840 G2, 840 G3, 840 G4, 840 G5, 840r G4, 850 G1, 850 G2, 850 G3, 850 G4, 850 G5
HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1, 1040 G1, 1040 G2, 9480m
HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 Tablet, 810 G2 Tablet
HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2
HP ProBook 430 G1, 430 G2, 430 G3, 440 G3, 450 G1, 450 G2, 450 G3, 455 G1, 455 G3, 470 G3, 640 G1, 640 G2, 640 G3, 640 G4, 645 G1, 645 G2, 645 G3, 645 G4, 650 G1, 650 G2, 650 G3, 650 G4, 655 G2, 655 G3
HP Spectre x2 12-a001na, 12-a001nf, 12-A001NG, 12-a004na, 12-a005na, 12-a010nd, 12-a020nd, 13-h200ee
HP Spectre x360 13-4000na, 13-4000nc, 13-4000nf, 13-4000nn, 13-4000ns, 13-4001na, 13-4001nf, 13-4001np, 13-4001ns, 13-4002dx, 13-4002nf, 13-4003nl, 13-4003ns, 13-4005dx, 13-4005tu, 13-4006nl, 13-4006tu, 13-4007na, 13-4007nc, 13-4007nl, 13-4007tu, 13-4008na, 13-4008tu, 13-4009na, 13-4009tu, 13-4010ca, 13-4020nd, 13-4020ng, 13-4020np, 13-4021ca, 13-4021ng, 13-4030ca, 13-4031nd, 13-4032no, 13-4040la, 13-4040nd, 13-4040no, 13-4041no, 13-4050ca, 13-4070nb, 13-4070nz, 13-4080nb, 13-4080no, 13-4090nz, 13-4096nf, 13-4097nf, 13-4099nf, 13-4100nb, 13-4100nf, 13-4101la, 13-4101ng, 13-4101no, 13-4102ng, 13-4102no, 13-4102TU, 13-4103nf, 13-4103ng, 13-4103TU, 13-4104ng, 13-4105nf, 13-4105ng, 13-4107nf, 13-4110nd, 13-4111TU, 13-4150nd, 13-4190nd
HP x360 310 G1, 310 G2
HP ZBook 14, 14 G2, 14u G4, 15u G2, 15u G3, 15u G4
HP ZBook x2 G4 Detachable Workstation


  • 250 G2, 250 G3, 250 G4, 250 G5, 255 G2, 255 G3, 255 G4, 255 G5, 340 G5, 348 G5, 350 G1, 350 G2, 355 G2, 650, 655, Chromebook 11 G4, Chromebook 14, Chromebook 14 G1, Chromebook 14 G3, Chromebook 14 G4, Chromebook 14-ak000nd, Chromebook 14-ak000nf, Chromebook 14-ak001nf, Chromebook 14-ak001tu, Chromebook 14-ak002tu, Chromebook 14-ak003tu, Chromebook 14-ak004na, Chromebook 14-ak004tu, Chromebook 14-q000ea, Chromebook 14-q000ed, Chromebook 14-q000ef, Chromebook 14-q000ns, Chromebook 14-q000sa, Chromebook 14-q000sf, Chromebook 14-q001ef, Chromebook 14-q001la, Chromebook 14-q001ns, Chromebook 14-q001sa, Chromebook 14-q002ef, Chromebook 14-q002la, Chromebook 14-q002ns, Chromebook 14-q002sa, Chromebook 14-q002tu, Chromebook 14-q003sa, Chromebook 14-q004la, Chromebook 14-q004sa, Chromebook 14-q004tu, Chromebook 14-q005sa, Chromebook 14-q005tu, Chromebook 14-Q009TU, Chromebook 14-q010dx, Chromebook 14-q010ez, Chromebook 14-q010nr, Chromebook 14-q010sa, Chromebook 14-q011ed, Chromebook 14-q011sa, Chromebook 14-q012ed, Chromebook 14-q012sa, Chromebook 14-q013sa, Chromebook 14-q014sa, Chromebook 14-q015sa, Chromebook 14-q020nr, Chromebook 14-q029wm, Chromebook 14-q030ea, Chromebook 14-q030ef, Chromebook 14-q030eg, Chromebook 14-q030eo, Chromebook 14-q030nr, Chromebook 14-q030sg, Chromebook 14-q031ea, Chromebook 14-q031ef, Chromebook 14-q031eo, Chromebook 14-q032ef, Chromebook 14-q033eo, Chromebook 14-q039wm, Chromebook 14-q049wm, Chromebook 14-q050na, Chromebook 14-q051na, Chromebook 14-q052na, Chromebook 14-q053na, Chromebook 14-q055no, Chromebook 14-q063cl, Chromebook 14-q070nr, Chromebook 14-q072no, Chromebook 14-q073no, Chromebook 14-q075no, Chromebook 14-x000na, Chromebook 14-x000no, Chromebook 14-x001nd, Chromebook 14-x001nf, Chromebook 14-x001no, Chromebook 14-x002nd, Chromebook 14-x002no, Chromebook 14-x002tu, Chromebook 14-x003nd, Chromebook 14-x003nf, Chromebook 14-x003no, Chromebook 14-x003tu, Chromebook 14-x004na, Chromebook 14-x004nd, Chromebook 14-x006na, Chromebook 14-x010ca, Chromebook 14-x010nr, Chromebook 14-x010ns, Chromebook 14-x010nz, Chromebook 14-x010wm, Chromebook 14-x011nf, Chromebook 14-x012nf, Chromebook 14-x013dx, Chromebook 14-x013nf, Chromebook 14-x014nf, Chromebook 14-x015wm, Chromebook 14-x016na, Chromebook 14-x017na, Chromebook 14-x020na, Chromebook 14-x021na, Chromebook 14-x023na, Chromebook 14-x024na, Chromebook 14-x025na, Chromebook 14-x030nb, Chromebook 14-x030nr, Chromebook 14-x030nz, Chromebook 14-x031nb, Chromebook 14-x040nr, Chromebook 14-x050nr, Chromebook 14-x094nf, Chromebook 14-x095nf, Chromebook 14-x096nf, Chromebook 14-x097nf, Chromebook 14-x099nd, Elite x2 1011 G1, EliteBook 1030 G1, EliteBook 1040 G3, EliteBook 2170p, EliteBook 2570p, EliteBook 720 G1, EliteBook 720 G2, EliteBook 725 G2, EliteBook 725 G3, EliteBook 740 G1, EliteBook 740 G2, EliteBook 745 G2, EliteBook 750 G1, EliteBook 750 G2, EliteBook 755 G2, EliteBook 820 G1, EliteBook 820 G2, EliteBook 820 G3, EliteBook 820 G4, EliteBook 830 G5, EliteBook 840 G1, EliteBook 840 G2, EliteBook 840 G3, EliteBook 840 G4, EliteBook 840 G5, EliteBook 840r G4, EliteBook 8470p, EliteBook 850 G1, EliteBook 850 G2, EliteBook 850 G3, EliteBook 850 G4, EliteBook 850 G5, EliteBook 8570p, EliteBook Folio 1020 G1, EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, EliteBook Folio 1040 G2, EliteBook Folio 9470m, EliteBook Folio 9480m, EliteBook Mobile Workstation 8470w, EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 Tablet, EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 Tablet, EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Tablet, EliteBook x360 1030 G2, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2000ee, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2003ef, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2005tu, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2006tu, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2023tu, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2050nr, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2057nr, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2090la, ENVY Spectre XT 13-2095ca, Mobile Thin Client mt40, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c000ed, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c001ef, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c001eo, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c001sf, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c002ea, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c002sa, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c005tu, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c010us, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c015dx, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c020us, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c025us, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c030us, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c035us, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c050nr, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c053cl, Pavilion Chromebook 14-c070sg, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q000ed, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q010ed, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q029wm, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q039wm, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q049wm, Pavilion Chromebook 14-q050ca, Pro x2 612 G1, ProBook 430 G1, ProBook 430 G2, ProBook 430 G3, ProBook 4340s, ProBook 440 G3, ProBook 450 G0, ProBook 450 G1, ProBook 450 G2, ProBook 450 G3, ProBook 4540s, ProBook 4545s, ProBook 455 G1, ProBook 455 G3, ProBook 470 G0, ProBook 470 G1, ProBook 470 G2, ProBook 470 G3, ProBook 4740s, ProBook 640 G1, ProBook 640 G2, ProBook 640 G3, ProBook 640 G4, ProBook 645 G1, ProBook 645 G2, ProBook 645 G3, ProBook 645 G4, ProBook 6470b, ProBook 6475b, ProBook 650 G1, ProBook 650 G2, ProBook 650 G3, ProBook 650 G4, ProBook 655 G1, ProBook 655 G2, ProBook 655 G3, ProBook 6570b, Spectre 13 Pro, Spectre 13-3000ea, Spectre 13-3000eb, Spectre 13-3000ec, Spectre 13-3000ed, Spectre 13-3000eo, Spectre 13-3000nf, Spectre 13-3001el, Spectre 13-3001en, Spectre 13-3001eo, Spectre 13-3001nf, Spectre 13-3002el, Spectre 13-3002eo, Spectre 13-3002nf, Spectre 13-3003es, Spectre 13-3004es, Spectre 13-3004tu, Spectre 13-3010dx, Spectre 13-3010ea, Spectre 13-3010eg, Spectre 13-3010la, Spectre 13-3010sa, Spectre 13-3011el, Spectre 13-3018ca, Spectre 13-3060eo, Spectre 13-3080ez, Spectre 13-3090ef, Spectre 13-3090ez, Spectre 13-3095ef, Spectre 13-3099ez, Spectre 14-3200ea, Spectre 14-3200ed, Spectre x2 12-a001na, Spectre x2 12-a001nf, Spectre x2 12-A001NG, Spectre x2 12-a004na, Spectre x2 12-a005na, Spectre x2 12-a010nd, Spectre x2 12-a020nd, Spectre x2 13, Spectre x2 13-h200eb, Spectre x2 13-h200ed, Spectre x2 13-h200ee, Spectre x2 13-h200ef, Spectre x2 13-h200eo, Spectre x2 13-h200ep, Spectre x2 13-h200es, Spectre x2 13-h200ew, Spectre x2 13-h201ef, Spectre x2 13-h201eo, Spectre x2 13-h202el, Spectre x2 13-h202nf, Spectre x2 13-h205eg, Spectre x2 13-h210en, Spectre x2 13-h211nr, Spectre x2 13-h251ea, Spectre x2 13-h251sa, Spectre x2 13-h255sa, Spectre x2 13-h275eo, Spectre x2 13-h281nr, Spectre x2 Pro 13, Spectre x360 13-4000na, Spectre x360 13-4000nc, Spectre x360 13-4000nf, Spectre x360 13-4000ng, Spectre x360 13-4000nn, Spectre x360 13-4000ns, Spectre x360 13-4001na, Spectre x360 13-4001nf, Spectre x360 13-4001ng, Spectre x360 13-4001np, Spectre x360 13-4001ns, Spectre x360 13-4002dx, Spectre x360 13-4002nf, Spectre x360 13-4003nl, Spectre x360 13-4003ns, Spectre x360 13-4005dx, Spectre x360 13-4005tu, Spectre x360 13-4006nl, Spectre x360 13-4006tu, Spectre x360 13-4007na, Spectre x360 13-4007nc, Spectre x360 13-4007nl, Spectre x360 13-4007tu, Spectre x360 13-4008na, Spectre x360 13-4008tu, Spectre x360 13-4009na, Spectre x360 13-4009tu, Spectre x360 13-4010ca, Spectre x360 13-4010la, Spectre x360 13-4020nd, Spectre x360 13-4020ng, Spectre x360 13-4020np, Spectre x360 13-4021ca, Spectre x360 13-4021ng, Spectre x360 13-4030ca, Spectre x360 13-4030no, Spectre x360 13-4031nd, Spectre x360 13-4032no, Spectre x360 13-4040la, Spectre x360 13-4040nd, Spectre x360 13-4040no, Spectre x360 13-4041no, Spectre x360 13-4050ca, Spectre x360 13-4070nb, Spectre x360 13-4070nz, Spectre x360 13-4080nb, Spectre x360 13-4080no, Spectre x360 13-4090nz, Spectre x360 13-4096nf, Spectre x360 13-4097nf, Spectre x360 13-4099nf, Spectre x360 13-4100nb, Spectre x360 13-4100nf, Spectre x360 13-4101la, Spectre x360 13-4101ng, Spectre x360 13-4101no, Spectre x360 13-4102ng, Spectre x360 13-4102no, Spectre x360 13-4102TU, Spectre x360 13-4103nf, Spectre x360 13-4103ng, Spectre x360 13-4103TU, Spectre x360 13-4104ng, Spectre x360 13-4105nf, Spectre x360 13-4105ng, Spectre x360 13-4107nf, Spectre x360 13-4110nd, Spectre x360 13-4111TU, Spectre x360 13-4150nd, Spectre x360 13-4190nd, Spectre XT 13-2000ea, Spectre XT 13-2000eb, Spectre XT 13-2000eg, Spectre XT 13-2000el, Spectre XT 13-2000en, Spectre XT 13-2000eo, Spectre XT 13-2000es, Spectre XT 13-2100ea, Spectre XT 13-2100ed, Spectre XT 13-2100eg, Spectre XT 13-2100eo, Spectre XT 13-2100es, Spectre XT 13-2100ez, Spectre XT 13-2103ef, Spectre XT 13-2110ea, Spectre XT 13-2110ee, Spectre XT 13-2113TU, Spectre XT 13-2114TU, Spectre XT 13-2150nr, Spectre XT 13-2157nr, Spectre XT 13-2190LA, Spectre XT 13-2192la, Spectre XT 13-2195ca, Spectre XT 13-2300eg, Spectre XT 13-2300ep, Spectre XT 13-2310eo, Spectre XT 13-2311ee, Spectre XT 13-2311ep, Spectre XT Pro , SPECTRE XT TouchSmart 15-4000ed, x360 310 G1, x360 310 G2, ZBook 14, ZBook 14 G2, ZBook 14u G4, ZBook 15u G2, ZBook 15u G3, ZBook 15u G4, ZBook x2 G4 Detachable Workstation