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Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy

Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy
Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy
Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy
Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper, Glossy, A4 (210 x 297 mm) 15 sheet(s) photo paper, for EcoTank ET-1810, 2810, 2811, 2814, 2815, 2820, 2825, 2826, 2850, 2851, 2856, 4800, 4850
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Description - Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy
  • Elevate your photos
  • The best partnership
  • Cherish your photos for years to come
  • Great for every printer
Delight the senses with the Ultra Glossy Photo Paper. This refined paper is designed to give your photos a professional look and feel thanks to its impressive 300 gsm weight. With one simple investment, you can elevate your photos to a professional level of quality.Get fast-drying, smudge and water-resistant photos with vivid colors, beautiful tones and incredible detail when you combine Epson's papers and inks. This paper has been specially developed to work with Epson's range of inks and printers to deliver the best possible quality. That means everything will be as you remember with natural colors, smooth gradations, realistic skintones and more.Photos may capture a fleeting moment, but rest assured that these papers are designed and tested to offer a long-lasting solution when combined with their printers and inks.

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Technical data - Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - Glossy


Media Type Photo paper
Surface Finish Glossy
Media Sizes A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Printing Technology Ink-jet
Included Qty 15 sheet(s)

Compatibility Information

Compatible with Epson EcoTank ET-1810, ET-2710, ET-2710 Unlimited, ET-2711, ET-2712, ET-2714, ET-2715, ET-2720, ET-2720 All-in-One Supertank Printer, ET-2720 Unlimited, ET-2721, ET-2721 Unlimited, ET-2726, ET-2750, ET-2750U, ET-2751, ET-2756, ET-2810, ET-2811, ET-2812, ET-2814, ET-2815, ET-2820, ET-2821, ET-2825, ET-2826, ET-2850, ET-2850U, ET-2851, ET-2856, ET-3750, ET-4700, ET-4700 Unlimited, ET-4750, ET-4750 Unlimited, ET-4750U, ET-4800, ET-4850, ET-4850U, ET-7700, ET-7750
Epson Expression Home XP-202, XP-205, XP-212, XP-215, XP-225, XP-235, XP-235A, XP-245, XP-247, XP-320, XP-33, XP-342, XP-345, XP-400, XP-400 Small-in-One, XP-405, XP-415, XP-420, XP-422, XP-424, XP-432, XP-435, XP-442, XP-445, XP-530
Epson Expression Home HD XP-15000
Epson Expression Photo XP-55, XP-750, XP-760, XP-850, XP-860, XP-950, XP-960
Epson Expression Premium XP-530, XP-540, XP-540 Media Bundle, XP-6000, XP-6005, XP-605, XP-610, XP-615, XP-620, XP-630, XP-635, XP-640, XP-645, XP-810, XP-900, XP-900 Stickers
Epson Stylus Pro 11880 AGFA, Pro 11880 Xerox, Pro 3880 Mirage Edition, Pro 4880 AGFA, Pro 4900 Spectro_M1
Epson SureColor P800 Designer Edition, SC-P10000, SC-P20000, SC-P5000, SC-P5000 STD Spectro, SC-P5000 Violet, SC-P5000 Violet Spectro, SC-P800, SC-P8000, SC-P9000, SC-P9000V, SC-T7000, SC-T7000 POS, SC-T7200, SC-T7200 MFP, SC-T7200D, SC-T7200D MFP, SC-T7200D-PS, SC-T7200-PS
Epson WorkForce 7510, WF-100, WF-2010W, WF-2520, WF-2520NF, WF-2530, WF-2530WF, WF-2540, WF-2540WF, WF-2630, WF-2630WF, WF-2650DWF, WF-2660, WF-2660DWF, WF-2750DWF, WF-2760DWF, WF-3620DWF, WF-3620DWF Stickers, WF-3640, WF-3640DTWF, WF-7110DTW, WF-7515, WF-7610, WF-7610DWF, WF-7620, WF-7620DTWF
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630, WF-4630DWF, WF-4640, WF-4640DTWF, WF-5190, WF-5190DW, WF-5690, WF-5690DWF, WF-6090DW, WF-6590DWF, WF-R5190 DTW Flex, WF-R5190 DTW Flex BAM, WF-R5690 DTWF Flex BAM, WF-R5690DTWF Flex, WF-R8590 D3TWFC Flex, WF-R8590 DTWFC Flex, WF-R8590DTWF Flex


  • Artisan 730, EcoTank ET-1810, EcoTank ET-2710, EcoTank ET-2710 Unlimited, EcoTank ET-2711, EcoTank ET-2712, EcoTank ET-2714, EcoTank ET-2715, EcoTank ET-2720, EcoTank ET-2720 All-in-One Supertank Printer, EcoTank ET-2720 Unlimited, EcoTank ET-2721, EcoTank ET-2721 Unlimited, EcoTank ET-2726, EcoTank ET-2750, EcoTank ET-2750U, EcoTank ET-2751, EcoTank ET-2756, EcoTank ET-2810, EcoTank ET-2811, EcoTank ET-2812, EcoTank ET-2814, EcoTank ET-2815, EcoTank ET-2820, EcoTank ET-2821, EcoTank ET-2825, EcoTank ET-2826, EcoTank ET-2850, EcoTank ET-2850U, EcoTank ET-2851, EcoTank ET-2856, EcoTank ET-3750, EcoTank ET-4700, EcoTank ET-4700 Unlimited, EcoTank ET-4750, EcoTank ET-4750 Unlimited, EcoTank ET-4750U, EcoTank ET-4800, EcoTank ET-4850, EcoTank ET-4850U, EcoTank ET-7700, EcoTank ET-7750, Expression Home HD XP-15000, Expression Home XP-202, Expression Home XP-205, Expression Home XP-212, Expression Home XP-215, Expression Home XP-225, Expression Home XP-235, Expression Home XP-235A, Expression Home XP-245, Expression Home XP-247, Expression Home XP-320, Expression Home XP-33, Expression Home XP-342, Expression Home XP-345, Expression Home XP-400, Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One, Expression Home XP-405, Expression Home XP-415, Expression Home XP-420, Expression Home XP-422, Expression Home XP-424, Expression Home XP-432, Expression Home XP-435, Expression Home XP-442, Expression Home XP-445, Expression Home XP-530, Expression Photo XP-55, Expression Photo XP-750, Expression Photo XP-760, Expression Photo XP-850, Expression Photo XP-860, Expression Photo XP-950, Expression Photo XP-960, Expression Premium XP-530, Expression Premium XP-540, Expression Premium XP-540 Media Bundle, Expression Premium XP-6000, Expression Premium XP-6005, Expression Premium XP-605, Expression Premium XP-610, Expression Premium XP-615, Expression Premium XP-620, Expression Premium XP-630, Expression Premium XP-635, Expression Premium XP-640, Expression Premium XP-645, Expression Premium XP-810, Expression Premium XP-900, Expression Premium XP-900 Stickers, Stylus C43SX, Stylus C48, Stylus C87, Stylus C87 Plus, Stylus CX3700, Stylus CX4700, Stylus CX4900, Stylus CX5900, Stylus D120, Stylus D88, Stylus D88 Plus, Stylus D92, Stylus DX3800, Stylus DX3850, Stylus DX3850plus, Stylus DX4000, Stylus DX4050, Stylus DX4250, Stylus DX4400, Stylus DX4450, Stylus DX4800, Stylus DX4850, Stylus DX5000, Stylus DX6000, Stylus DX6050, Stylus DX7000F, Stylus DX7400, Stylus DX7450, Stylus DX8400, Stylus DX8450, Stylus DX9400F, Stylus Office B1100, Stylus Office B40W, Stylus Office B42WD, Stylus Office BX300F, Stylus Office BX305F, Stylus Office BX310FN, Stylus Office BX320FW, Stylus Office BX600FW, Stylus Office BX610FW, Stylus Office BX635FWD, Stylus Office BX925FWD, Stylus Photo 1400, Stylus Photo PX650, Stylus Photo PX660, Stylus Photo PX700W, Stylus Photo PX710W, Stylus Photo PX730WD, Stylus Photo PX810FW, Stylus Photo PX830FWD, Stylus Photo R1800, Stylus Photo R1900, Stylus Photo R200, Stylus Photo R220, Stylus Photo R240, Stylus Photo R2400, Stylus Photo R245, Stylus Photo R265, Stylus Photo R285, Stylus Photo R2880, Stylus Photo R300, Stylus Photo R320, Stylus Photo R360, Stylus Photo R800, Stylus Photo RX420, Stylus Photo RX425, Stylus Photo RX500, Stylus Photo RX520, Stylus Photo RX560, Stylus Photo RX585, Stylus Photo RX600, Stylus Photo RX620, Stylus Photo RX640, Stylus Photo RX685, Stylus Photo RX700, Stylus Pro 11880, Stylus Pro 11880 AGFA, Stylus Pro 11880 Xerox, Stylus Pro 3880, Stylus Pro 3880 Mirage Edition, Stylus Pro 4800, Stylus Pro 4880, Stylus Pro 4880 AGFA, Stylus Pro 4900, Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition, Stylus Pro 4900 Spectro_M1, Stylus Pro 7900 Designer Edition, Stylus Pro 9700, Stylus Pro 9880, Stylus Pro 9900, Stylus S20, Stylus S21, Stylus SX100, Stylus SX105, Stylus SX110, Stylus SX115, Stylus SX130, Stylus SX200, Stylus SX205, Stylus SX210, Stylus SX215, Stylus SX235W, Stylus SX400, Stylus SX405, Stylus SX410, Stylus SX415, Stylus SX435W, Stylus SX445W, Stylus SX510W, Stylus SX515W, Stylus SX535WD, Stylus SX600FW, Stylus SX610FW, SureColor P800 Designer Edition, SureColor SC-P10000, SureColor SC-P20000, SureColor SC-P5000, SureColor SC-P5000 STD Spectro, SureColor SC-P5000 Violet, SureColor SC-P5000 Violet Spectro, SureColor SC-P800, SureColor SC-P8000, SureColor SC-P9000, SureColor SC-P9000V, SureColor SC-T7000, SureColor SC-T7000 POS, SureColor SC-T7200, SureColor SC-T7200 MFP, SureColor SC-T7200D, SureColor SC-T7200D MFP, SureColor SC-T7200D-PS, SureColor SC-T7200-PS, WorkForce 7510, WorkForce Pro WF-4630, WorkForce Pro WF-4630DWF, WorkForce Pro WF-4640, WorkForce Pro WF-4640DTWF, WorkForce Pro WF-5190, WorkForce Pro WF-5190DW, WorkForce Pro WF-5690, WorkForce Pro WF-5690DWF, WorkForce Pro WF-6090DW, WorkForce Pro WF-6590DWF, WorkForce Pro WF-R5190 DTW Flex, WorkForce Pro WF-R5190 DTW Flex BAM, WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 DTWF Flex BAM, WorkForce Pro WF-R5690DTWF Flex, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 D3TWFC Flex, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 DTWFC Flex, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590DTWF Flex, WorkForce Pro WP-4530, WorkForce Pro WP-4540, WorkForce WF-100, WorkForce WF-2010W, WorkForce WF-2520, WorkForce WF-2520NF, WorkForce WF-2530, WorkForce WF-2530WF, WorkForce WF-2540, WorkForce WF-2540WF, WorkForce WF-2630, WorkForce WF-2630WF, WorkForce WF-2650DWF, WorkForce WF-2660, WorkForce WF-2660DWF, WorkForce WF-2750DWF, WorkForce WF-2760DWF, WorkForce WF-3620DWF, WorkForce WF-3620DWF Stickers, WorkForce WF-3640, WorkForce WF-3640DTWF, WorkForce WF-7110DTW, WorkForce WF-7515, WorkForce WF-7610, WorkForce WF-7610DWF, WorkForce WF-7620, WorkForce WF-7620DTWF