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ACER - Power cable

ACER - Power cable
ACER - Power cableACER - Power cable
ACER, Power cable, IEC 60320 C5 to CEE 7/7 (M), Central Europe, for Aspire 13XX, 7520, 9920; Aspire ONE 531; Ferrari 50XX; TravelMate 62XX, 64XX, 6592, 7320
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00€ postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
Description - ACER - Power cable
    This power cable is intended for AC adapter for Acer TravelMate and Aspire Notebooks.

    Technical data - ACER - Power cable


    Type Power cable
    Localisation Central Europe


    Connector Power IEC 60320 C5
    Connector (Second End) Power CEE 7/7 - male

    Compatibility Information

    Designed For Acer Aspire 1362WLCi, 1363LCi, 3050-1270, 3050-1782, 3054WXMi, 3100-1972, 3104NWLMi, 3641NWXMi, 3680-2103, 3680-2249, 3680-2633, 3680-2663, 3684NWXMi, 3684WXMi, 3690-2164, 3690-2495, 3690-2780, 3690-2806, 3690-2929, 3690-2970, 3694NWLMi, 3694WLMi, 5050-4872, 5051ANWXMi, 5100-3139, 5100-3530, 5100-4001, 5100-4800, 5100-5023, 5100-5474, 5100-5538, 5100-5697, 5102ANWLMi, 5103_CX1016, 5103NWLMi, 5104WLMi, 5105_CX32016, 5110-5419, 5110-5447, 5112NWLMi, 5113NWLMi, 5610-2018, 5610-2075, 5610-2173, 5610-2252, 5610-2312, 5610-2418, 5610-2998, 5610-4083, 5610-4182, 5610-4254, 5610-4377, 5610-4612, 5610-4762, 5612NWLMi, 5613ANWLMi, 5613WLMi, 5613Z_CS1016, 5613ZWLMi, 5630-6009, 5630-6141, 5630-6152, 5630-6288, 5630-6760, 5630-6864, 5633_CGF1016, 5634BWLMi, 7520G-402G16Mi, 9410-2155, 9410-2459, 9410-4331, 9410-4629, 9410-4897, 9413AWSMi, 9423_CGF1012, 9424_CGF2020, 9425_CGF2020, 9810-6107, 9815_CGF2032, 9815_CGF2032H, 9920G-602G25MN
    Acer Aspire ONE 531h-1766
    Acer Ferrari 1000-5612, 1000-5833, 5000-5513, 5000-5706, 5000-5832, 5000-5853, 5002WLMib, 5003WLMi
    Acer TravelMate 2490-2180, 2490-2391, 2490-2924, 4200-4751, 4200-4831, 4200-4839, 4230-6433, 4230-6617, 4720-6182, 4720-6704, 5310-100508, 5310-100508Mi, 5310-101G12, 5310-101G12Mi, 5310-300508Mi, 5310-301G12Mi, 5313WLMi, 5513NWLMi, 5623WSMi_CGF1012, 5710-101G12Mi, 5710-101G16, 5720-101G16Mi, 5720-101G16N, 5720-301G16, 5720-301G16Mi, 5720-302G16Mn, 5720-601G16, 5720-6564, 5720-6623, 5720G-301G16, 5720G-301G16Mi, 5720G-302G16Mi, 5720G-302G20, 5720G-302G20N, 5720G-602G25N, 6291, 6291-101G16, 6291-6019, 6291-6059, 6291-6335, 6291-6753, 6291-6792, 6292, 6292-101G16MN, 6292-302G16MN, 6292-602G25N, 6492-101G16MN, 6492-101G16N, 6492-102G16N, 6492-301G16Mn, 6492-302G16N, 6492-302G25Mn, 6492-601G16N, 6592-101G16N, 6592-102G16N, 6592-601G16N, 6592G-101G16MN, 6592G-301G16Mn, 6592G-301G20MN, 6592G-302G16Mn, 6592G-302G16N, 6592G-302G20N, 6592G-933G25N, 7320-101G16, 7520-6A1G16


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